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The environment of Concordia Preschool is extremely positive. It is our primary goal for each child to feel good about him/herself. Christian values are emphasized.  In the classroom, each age group is exposed to activities that enhance skill development at the child's own level. We group our children into 2-year-old, 3-year-old, and 4-year-old classes.

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Our school is accredited by the Nursery and Kindergarten Association of Delaware (NKAD) and is licensed by the State of Delaware Division of Child Care Services.


  • 9/28 - Friday Specials begin
  • 10/2 - 2 Year olds begin noon dismissal
  • 10/8 - NO SCHOOL - Columbus Day
  • 10/15 - 19 - Scholastic Book Fair
  • 10/15 - Parent Advisory Board Meeting - 7 PM in library
  • 10/24 - 4 year olds to Ramsey's Pumpkin Farm
  • 10/24 - 3 year olds Pumpkin Patch on playground
  • 10/31 - Halloween Parade 9:15
  • 11/7, 8 - John Gallen school pictures

Allowing children to express themselves within a stimulating learning environment;

   Building children's self-esteem through positive experiences;
     Cherishing each child's uniqueness and special abilities.

Concordia Preschool...A Community Service Partnership with Concordia Lutheran Church
September's book pick:
If You Ever Want To Bring An Alligator To School, Don't!
by Elise Parsley
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Concordia Preschool